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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the sheriff's department has not released the victim's name because they say they're still trying to notify the boy's parents who apparently live in el salvador, at least outside of this country. now since the victim was fairly new to parkview high school, we're told that he was not well known. however, there were about a dozen students who knew him and were very upset and grief counselors were brought into parkview late in the day. they will be back next week. i'm peggy fox reporting live in sterling. back to you. >> and the loudoun county schools spokesperson said there was no trouble at parkview high school. he said all the kids were very respectful and calm and seemed to grasp the seriousness of that situation. we've got breaking news out of silver spring where a woman is behind bathrooms accused of viciously attacking her 4-year- old stepdaughter. the child was taken to the hospital in critical condition after being found unresponsive at her home. ileana diaz has been reading over these reports and you and i are both parents and this is
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just tough stuff to hear. >> reporter: it's just really heartbreaking. we're told that the little girl was living in this apartment building behind me with her stepmother and her 9-year-old stepsister and last wednesday the ambulance came to this area after that little girl was found unresponsive. she'd also vomited before then. finally the ambulance took her to children's hospital and that's where they found out that she was covered in bruises from head to toe. now the doctors do say that she also had several fractures including a rib fracture and several pelvic fractures. now the suspect is the step mother. she's 30-year-old aldercy lugo- de few wednesday tess arrested for brutal -- fuentes for brutally beating her stepdaughter. she has a 9-year-old daughter and that 9-year-old told police that she heard whipping noises coming from her sister's room and that she also heard the
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little girl yelling, "stop hitting me." police say they spoke to the suspect in custody and that that stepmother has said she has hit the kids before in the past. she said she's used a belt, she's used a shoe and she has also slammed that 4-year-old into the wall and also hitting her with a treadmill. we did speak to police who told us both the 4-year-old and 9- year-old are in child protective services tonight and that while that 4-year-old is outside of the hospital and doing fairly well, she is still going to need a lot of medical work and checkups over the next couple of weeks because all of the bruises and all of the fractures that she had were unfortunately just really, really brutal. that's the very latest here in silver spring. i'm ileana diaz, wusa9. >> that is just so tough to hear. thank you. turning to weather right now we have some heavy storms out there in parts of our area. meteorologist howard bernstein joins us now. howard, what are you seeing on first doppler right now? >> i'm seeing a lot of the
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activity moving out to our west, got to make sure my mic's on. there we go. activity is moving out to the west. we had big storms earlier around warrenton and manassas and tree damage down in nokesville. out to the west we've got some activity. in the metro itself if you're going out in the next hour or two, looks pretty quiet now, but we could still see something pop up and this is unusual. everything is moving northeast to the southwest. we don't see that off around here. out to the west we've got a few showers mainly west 5:22 moving into eastern allegheny and north of cross junction and paw paw. these are moving west at 15 towards southeastern garrett county and potentially with that and see all the all the lightning? we could see gusts over 60 miles an hour. this shower is dying in charles county. this one going down 235 looks like it's going to pass just south of leonardtown.
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we can't rule out a couple of showers, even a thunderstorm this evening, but the weekend is going to be cooler and more comfortable before we get hot again. i'll have your full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. new information tonight on the death of a baby and the delay of an ambulance. right now d.c. fire and ems under scrutiny once again. surae chinn is live in south east tonight and, surae, sound like two separate investigations are underway by metropolitan police and fire. >> reporter: that's right. they are wondering if there was a closer ambulance, would that have made a difference? that is unclear and we may not know for some time. the closest ambulance was 7 miles away. engine 30 did respond that they're just a mile away and that team gave advanced life support within minutes, but it wasn't enough. >> it's sad because she was just holding the baby and i'd be home. >> reporter: neighbors are stunned an infant died in the 4600 block of hillside road in
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southeast about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the baby's aunt said the boy, just 5 months old, was suffering from asthma living inside this apartment with no air conditioning. engine 30 responded a mile away. a paramedic was on board and began advanced life support care within four minutes of the 911 call, but the station's ambulance was on another call. the next closest one was 7 miles away. prince george's county did not have any units available. the d.c. fire and ems department has been operating with a shortage of ambulances for some time. >> we need more equipment and we're attempting to get that. we're working on it. >> reporter: the fire engine took the baby and was on the way to the hospital when another ambulance was rerouted and met the fire truck nearly 15 minutes later to complete the transport to the hospital. the baby died at children's national medical center. >> if they would have came in time, the baby could have been saved. >> we don't know the cause of death. there's some speculation.
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i have no information that there may have been some sort of a trauma. it may have been the kind of issue where time may not have mattered. >> painful. i have a child as you can see. so to me i can't feel where she's coming from, but i can only say that i just hope the family's okay. it's sad. >> reporter: the local fire union says there are two reasons why there's a shortage of ambulances. one, there's not enough ambulances and no. 2, they're saying that they're going on a high volume of low priority calls, but again officials say that's not necessarily something that would have changed the outcome at all in yesterday's death. >> d.c. fire and ens have been under scrutiny since several high -- ems have been under scrutiny since several high profile deaths including the death of cecil mills when he collapsed from a heart attack and died across the street from
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a fire station. the body of a missing george washington university student in south africa has been recovered. 19-year-old nicholas upton disappeared under the surf while swimming last weekend. his body was found today. a gofundme campaign has been established to help his parents bring his body back to the states. a baby accused of trying to snatch a baby from a stroller on a metro train this week. our sources say monique mcknight was disrupted and never made it into the courtroom. a judge ordered her to remain in custody awaiting trial. trying to grab the child investigators say passengers held her down until police could get there. sentencing today for a former d.c. teacher who admitted sexually abusing a 4th grader. 31-year-old giovanni pena was ordered to spend the next 2 1/2 years in prison for fondling a student in a bilingual school in northwest.
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it was an emotional day where the victim's families and supporters of pena gathered. the former nationally recognized teacher broke down in terms saying this is a cross -- tears saying this is a cross he'll have to bear the rest of his life. a rider lost control of the bike after hitting a bmw at the intersection of norbeck road and westbury drive. doctors were unable to save the 19-year-old. the 83-year-old man behind the wheel of the bmw was not hurt. new developments from kentucky where same sex couples are now receiving marriage licenses in rowan county. this move comes one day after the county clerk was jailed for turning away gay apparentlies on religious grounds. the first same sex couple applied for a marriage license this morning after six trials. >> i thought there was going to be two other couples before us, but i can see why. i know a lot of people, it's hard with all this to go on. it's hard for us right now.
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>> kim davis is an elected official and born again christian. the judge will revisit his decision to jail her in a week. the dow finished down 220 points, the nasdaq down nearly 50 after a disappointing u.s. jobs report. the u.s. economy added 173,000 jobs in august, but that is fewer than expected. still the unemployment rate fell to 5.1% and that is a seven year low. this is one of the closely watched jobs reports because it could be a deciding factor in whether the federal reserve raises interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. the new start times at montgomery county have some elementary school parents upset tonight. bruce leshan explains why at 5:30. >> plus howard is back with the latest on this weekend's storms
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and your labor day weekend forecast. >> reporter: i'm scott groom on the way to the beach, coming up the summer -- scott broom on the way to the beach, come up the summer of 2015 saying good- bye.
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it's the holiday weekend and this labor day is being marked by the lowest gas prices for this particular time in 11 years. >> that is a remarkable turn of events and it's also why our scott broom is out in his mobile newsroom today talking to drivers as this summer of cheap gas comes to a close. >> reporter: it has been a remarkable summer, that summer congress to a close and gas prices after this labor day weekend are expected to continue to drop. >> i think it's great that it's
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going down. >> reporter: gas prices still dropping in parts of virginia now well below $2 a gallon. >> down a lot than what it is in the last five years of. >> reporter: on the way to the beach today a moment to reflect on this. it used to cost $64? >> yes. on an 18 or 20-gallon tank. >> reporter: and today? >> today $40, yeah, pretty good. >> reporter: so what are you going to spend that extra 20 bucks on? >> honestly? we're going to the beach, so probably two for one drinks. >> reporter: oh, my. it's been that kind of summer. gas prices falling for the last 18 consecutives days chopping 25 cents off the price in that short time. the national average now 2.42 a gallon, $1 less than it was this time last year. the faltering chinese economy and a glut of new globe supply gets the credit, but when you're traveling with a 13-
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year-old dachshund named ballyhoo to the beach, it's all good. how's the traffic been? >> actually it's been pretty good so far from what i've experienced. >> reporter: cheap gas? >> yeah. supposed to get cheaper. >> reporter: sounds like a good summer. >> yeah. it really has been. >> reporter: all right. so how about that for a summer? the summer of 2015. i'm a mile away from the toll plaza going to the bay bridge and traffic is running as you can see at highway speeds. it's been a great summer. it's going to be a great weekend and as i justreported, gas prices are expected to continue to drop because this time of year the refineries switch over to a winter blend which is actually cheaper. so this trend's just going to keep on going. reporting live from route. if, scott broom, wusa9 -- 50, scott broom, wusa9. if you're staying in town this weekend, there is plenty of stuff to get into around the
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dmv from a foot festival to a blues fest. just log onto the new wusa9 news app. it is your go to guide for fun this labor day weekend. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> and will the weather cooperate for the holiday weekend? >> it's going to be a sweet weekend. it really is, comfortable, a little warmer monday, but any plans you got outside -- plants you got outside should be okay except this evening. you got to watch the sky for a couple showers and storms that are out there. most of the activity is west and not as strong as earlier where there were some very powerful storms, hail in ashburn, tree damage reported to me in nokesville on twitter and right now the majority of activity is out to the west. zoom it in here on first alert doppler, some lighter showers continuing west of warrenton and far western fauquier county headed toward strasburg, but one severe thunderstorm
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warning. this is weaker but it's near elkhart until 5:45 as it drifts in toward areas of garrett county, alta mont at 5:37. we've cleared out on the i-81 corridor. most of this is 5:22 moving into west virginia, coming out of berkeley springs and i-68, headed west watch out for that and romney has a shower with a little lightning. here in southern st. mary's county, now we're looking at this shower which is weakening quickly as it moves just north of red gate. it's going to miss leonardtown. so we've got a little stuff out there, but. just soupy looking. that's a hazy summer-like sky and the reason is the dew point. it's really muggy. where we have the rain could get a nice little refreshing temperature now, in the mid- to upper 70s there while still 90 in easton, 88 in cumberland and
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fredericksburg had a little rain there, about 82 degrees. tonight a passing shower or storm. watch out for that, but i think it will be okay for most, a more comfortable weekend. heat returns labor day, talking 90 or so and more 90s next week. so summer's not over yet. you can skee -- see how the storms popped here in the heat of the day and see how they're moving off to the southwest? that's a push of cooler air, that cold front up toward boston right now. that is going too keep us a little bit cooler than we've been. going to the beach? maybe leave later tonight when the traffic is not so bad, looks really good. upper 70s saturday, low 80s sunday and monday and ocean city inlet water temp 81, upper 70s just offshore bethany beach at fenwick, so really nice weekend to be over toward the
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shore. around here we look pretty good, too, passing shower or storm in the evening, mid-60s to low 70s by tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, a stray shower or isolated patch of drizzle wouldn't be out of the question. 70s for the most part. afternoon looks better, increasing sunshine, 80 to 85. the three-day five-day forecast, sunday 85, good looking labor day, heat returns, 90. helding towards next week 91 tuesday, 93 wednesday, could be a couple storms the second half of the week and by friday scattered storms and we'll get back into the 80s. ladies, back to you. the little boy whose death came to symbolize the tragic plot of syrian migrants was laid to rest today. >> the picture of the soldier holding the little boy's lifeless body provoked horror, then outrage among some
5:19 pm
europeans. the boy drowned with his brother and mother trying to cross the sea. they were buried in the town they tried to flee and smugglers were paid $4,000 to get that family to greece. translator: they were the most beautiful children in the world. now all i want to do is sit beside their graves." >> authorities in turkey say they are questioning four suspected human smugglers who turn niched that small rubber boat that capsized. defense 4 other syrians -- 24 furnished that small rubber boat that capsized. 24 other syrians were on board. there could be a new glimmer of hope for those refugees. minutes ago hungary announced it will now offer buses to take the migrants to the austrian border and the british prime minister announced today england will take in thousands
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more syrian refugees. straight ahead the force awakens and lines get longer as star wars fans cue for brand- new merchandise. >> then right after the break a giant shark caught right here in the potomac river. what? what's the most important thing your parents do for you?
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crazy pictures tonight of an 8-foot bull shark caught in the potomac river. murder if i brown's family caught it in st.-- murphy brown's family caught it in st. mary's county earlier this week. apparently the shark died getting caught up in fishing net. the dnr tells our news partners of the washington post that bull sharks in that portion of the river are rare but they're not unheard of apparently. in tonight's consumer alert forget the labor day weekend. it is full force friday and disney hopes that it will jump start your holiday shopping. the company unleashed a massive marketing blitz to launch hundreds of new star wars toys and other related items all coming up to their new film the force awakens along with the light sabres and the legos, a droid called bb8. it's got an app this can make it roll, balance, respond to
5:24 pm
voice commands, even send hole graphic messages. -- holographic messages. it's expected this star wars merchandise will exceed $2 billion in sales. watch out this weekend. scammers may try to steal your credit card information while you gas up the car. stations along with the credit card industry have set up sophisticated software and padlocks to try to fight off a recent surge of fraud. kraft is expanding that recall we told you about last month of those singles. the company says the packaging problem affects an additional 335,000 cases and here's the problem. you know that thin layer of plastic? well, it could stick to the cheese and it could cause you to choke. the cases are marked with the manufacturing code s-54 or s- 55. you've been hearing a lot about our new and exciting wusa9 news app. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt
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explains the big changes. >> this is big! what is it? it's the new wusa9 news app. in the news section all the top stories and bulletins, weather, track thunderstorms with it and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps and you can watch live all the newscasts streaming as well as breaking news. redskins, we got you covered with the scores and the latest from the locker room. this is free for android and apple. told you it was big. >> very cool, top. i saw him recording that. i love to see the finished product, nice job. head over to your apple or google stores and download it today for fantastic up to the minutes wusa9 news content. donald trump trips up on foreign policy, what he did not know and his explanation coming up. >> reporter: new school bell times were supposed to give high schoolers more sleep, but they are now making elementary
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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new school bell times in montgomery county are making a lot of people unhappy. high schoolers complain an extra 20 minutes of sleep is just not enough. >> parents of elementary school said a longer and later day is just too much. bruce leshan is live in garrett park in montgomery county after talking to some of those worried parents. there don't seem to be very many people happy on either side, bruce. >> reporter: no, not happy. you know, the later bells were supposed to give some high school students a little bit more rest, but that required the school district to shift the schedule for elementary schools, too and some parents say that the longer and the later day for elementary schools is making some of their little ones wiped out. >> they'll feel great, love it. elementary schools horrible. >> reporter: lots of parents say the new schedule just is not working for them. do you like to sleep late?
5:30 pm
>> i never sleep late. >> reporter: young terms who get up early are going to school late -- youngsters who get up early are going to school late. >> this is jack in 5th grade. >> reporter: and angie melton with children in elementary, middle and high school said her youngest is coming home very late, too. >> it just leaves very little time to do activities, to play outside. >> reporter: a school spokesman says the same parents who pushed to start high school later are now complaining about the impact on elementary schools. critics say the problem is with the school board's compromised plan. >> hundreds of school districts solved this problem and i know mcps can get it right. >> reporter: the high schoolers had hoped to flip schedules sending younger children to school early and older kids late, but school administrators say that would have cost the financially stretched district millions of dollars. >> it is a big deal. >> reporter: this school counselor speaking for herself
5:31 pm
said she is seeing a lot of frazzled parents and exhausted youngsters in after school activities. >> those kids aren't getting home till 5:30, 6:00 at night. that's pretty late for a little kid who has been in school all day. >> reporter: parents who start work at 9:00 say they are juggling to get their children to elementary school at 9:25 and for children who get a free lunch at school waiting until almost 9:30 can be tough. live in garrett park, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> a school spokesman says d.c. will continue to collector i should say that district, not d.c., will continue to collect feedback and monitor the new schedule. now where police are trying to bring a violent summer to an end. the cops have recovered 10 illegal guns all overnight, one of them a bolt action rifle with a scope, another some sort of assault rifle, two other guns containing high capacity
5:32 pm
magazines. mayor muriel bowser and police chief cathy lanier have blamed much of the recent violence illegal drugs and illegal guns and synthetic drugs. a federal grand jury has indicted two local men arrested earlier this week on synthetic drug distribution charges. investigators seized about 265 pounds of those drugs from a d.c. warehouse. the two suspects are charged with possessing those drugs with the intent to distribute them and they are both being held without bond until next tuesday's hearing. to campaign 2016 now where donald trump hit a speed bump when asked about foreign policiful during the hugh hewitt radio show, trump stumbled when asked about the leaders of various terrorist groups. >> so the difference between hezbollah and hamas does not matter to you yet, but it will? >> it will when it's appropriate. i will know more about it than you not and believe me, it won't take me long. >> the great threat in our
5:33 pm
country today is islamic terrorism. he ought to know who the players are for sure. i'm sure he'll bone up on this now, but this is not a joking thing. this is a serious deal. >> trump just missed the interview saying hewitt asked got ya questions, but hewitt is a moderator for the next governor debate and said these types of questions will likely be asked. joining me now is face the nation host john dickerson. what do you think? are these fair questions? >> they're fair questions. whether a candidate knows the specific names across all the different terrorist organizations is one thing, but whether they have a general idea of the area. the difference is between the players and how the players interact is all fair game. that didn't seem to be there was much evidence that mr. trump knew that. >> what do you think about whether or not a candidate is up to speed on foreign policy? how much is that going to affect what the viewers decide at the polls? >> well, it's traditionally
5:34 pm
been the case recently that people vote based on what's happening in the economy and their pocketbook, but you can also see a couple different things. there was a case where president george bush did not answer a pop quiz like this and that didn't hunter his chances and voters generally vote to their gut level feeling about a candidate. they're likely to take that view based on economic issues and just assume the candidate will work it it out on foreign policy. >> let's quickly talk about joe biden because he spoke yesterday and was very emotional in the speech that he made. what do you think his chances are now for running? >> the emotions are at the center of his deliberation and thinking and in his remarks he was basically so open and that's something we've been hearing for a while talking to people close to him. the death of his son beau biden in may really still weighs very heavily on him. think he would make a decision as late as the late fall and while there are preparations going forward for a campaign, until he clears
5:35 pm
that emotional hurdle where he feels he has the emotional strength to run, all of the other preparations really don't mean anything. >> face the nation host, john dickerson, always good to see you and we will be checking you out this sunday. >> thanks. about a new york city teacher is face -- >> a new york city teacher is facing reckless endangerment charges over the crash of a drone at louis armstrong stadium before smashing into an empty section of seats last night. 26-year-old daniel verley is also charged with operating a drone outside of a prescribed area found at a marina outside of citi field immediately of that crash. straight ahead a fast food joint tries to shake off a scandal after an employee denies food to a police officer. >> plus a lightly used quarterback for trade on craigslist. >> kind of muggy out here this evening. we had some big storms earlier,
5:36 pm
really hit on the west part. you see a little rain
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
is. arby's is trying to weather a public relations nightmare. >> it all started when a miami area police officer claimed she
5:39 pm
was denied service because she was a cop. fallout was quick as word spread on social media with a push for officers around the country to boycott arby's of since then the company -- arby's. since then the company has apologized and a manager and employee have been fired. the employee said he was busy with other customers at the time and the comment about not serving the officer was merely a joke, but here's his grandfather. >> i want my grandson to be exonerated of all this misunderstanding and be able to go forward in life without having to look over his shoulder. >> today arby's is offering a free combo meal to any uniformed officer in the miami- dade area. also trending a lightly used quarterback for trade. >> that's literally what it says in this craigslist ad, see, lightly used quarterback trade, anonymous poster, the picture of rg3. i'm looking to barter an excellent used condition qb, interested in all offers, o
5:40 pm
line, d line, linebacker, say. , corners -- safety, other thans, anyone that can tackle safety, anyone that can tackle. also see my other ad titled head coach looking for football- related job with stable organization. we are just getting started in the football season. so you know it's going to amp up. fall is just about here and do you like pumpkins? >> they're okay. i'm not big into pumpkin pie. >> the pumpkin flavor thing is getting ready to take off. >> sure is. if you're one of those people who can't wait for your pumpkin latte, log onto pslfanft. .com and enter the password pumpkin. you'll get a text with a deco to enter for your pumpkin latte for starbucks before they go on sale to the general public. coming up in sports it's week one of high school football and right off the bat
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it's a rivalry renewed. why haven't these neighboring schools played each other in over 20 years? dave owens has the answer from prince george's county. >> reporter: the king of saudi arabia is in town staying at the four seasons in georgetown and he's the
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the king of saudi arabia is in town for meetings with president obama and like most of his trips he's going big, real big. his huge entourage has taken over a luxury georgetown hotel. it's got a lot of people talking. >> vanessa herring is live outside the four seasons motel at pennsylvania and n streets with more and he's rented out the whole place because he's loaded. >> reporter: well, i mean if you were thinking about booking a room here at the four seasons, you should probably reconsider because kill solomon of saudi arabia has booked all of them, every single room at this hotel. his fleet of luxury cars are parked everywhere around the hotel. some people have been stopping to marvel asking who is staying here? others are not giving the king such a warm welcome. go big or go home, when saudi
5:45 pm
arabia's king solomon was touched down he's here in georgetown where he's the only guest. >> i heard they rented out the whole hotel. it looks like we're providing a lot of security detail. >> it's quite a lot of money. it's a huge extravagance. >> reporter: the king is drawing dozens of onlookers, some trying to catch a glimpse of the royal as he comes and goes. his entourage is also taking at the hotel which is reportedly booked through saturday. >> every couple years there's some big wig coming here more often than not. >> last year when the african union, the african leaders came last august, it got a bit crowded as well but not as much. >> reporter: people who live and work in the area say they'll be glad when the king checks out. >> it's very nice to welcome somebody here, but to take over the whole city is a little bit much. >> i don't know how the heck i'm getting home tonight. i'll have to take a new route
5:46 pm
and see what happens. >> it's crazy of everybody in d.c. is distracted for traffic. everything is like annoying. it's just like frustration, you know. >> reporter: the king met with president obama friday afternoon. i did talk to a rep with the four seasons. she couldn't confirm if the king renting out this entire hotel was an act of extravagance or just taking some extra security precautions. however, she did tell me that the restaurant and spa are open to the public. >> thank you. now the king and president obama discussed many topics including the situation in iran. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. we still can't figure out exactly what that price tag could have been for that, millions. >> i'm afraid to do it. >> a lot. >> we'll go with that. the maryland department of the environment is sending out 87,000 letters to landlords
5:47 pm
across the state as part of a move to reduce childhood lead poisoning. man lords who haven't n9j?b registered -- landlords who haven't registered rental units built between 1950 and 1978 will receive those letters and the state can assess penalties of $2 per unit per day to assure those roberts are in compliance. a security camera inside a california liquor store shows a car smashing through the front window, the car goes into reverse, the driver peels out and in all crashes into several cars in the parking lot before ending up in the beauty salon. customers are just running everywhere for their lives. the driver, a woman in her late 60s, wasn't hurt and we't don know why that all happened. espn has sent curt schilling to the bench. the move follows a controversial tweet that was interpreted as being anti- muslim. schilling was pulled from
5:48 pm
baseball broadcasts the rest of the year as well as baseball playoffs. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you know, the soccer tournaments are starting up this weekend. so is it going to be rainy, dry? >> the weekend looks fine. it's just this evening. it's real plug i go throughout and we can't rule out a passing shower or storm. live doppler 9000 in the metro is pretty quiet. look east and northeast today where the showers and storms are coming from, there's not much showing up at the moment. we had big storms earlier, knocked down some trees in nokesville, had a hail report in ashburn and you notice here not much going on. even in fauquier county the rains are shriveling going off to the west. we're looking at this for
5:49 pm
hampshire and the mineral counties. the concern is you could have winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. not many places to go up here. north to the south you see a couple showers out of morefield and coming out of luray just north of new market in the valley a couple showers there. in washington that is not the prettiest picture we've spoken you, hazy and muggy -- shown you, hazy and muggy, feels like 87. that was our high today. dew point is 70. over the weekend that dew point and temperatures are going to drop. right now still night in easton, rain cooled low to mid- 70s here across parts of northern virginia, but mid-80s to 89 in the shenandoah valley in hagerstown. weather head liables, we're actually looking pretty -- headlines, we're actually looking pretty good for the weekend, much more comfortable.
5:50 pm
afternoon looks good. sunday looks good and the meet returns for monday and even hotter tuesday, defense, thursday of the coming week. you can certainly follow these clouds moving from the northwest. the overall flow is north the northeast and that's not usual for us. a flow off the atlantic ocean, so we're going to cool off for at least a couple days here before we heat up next week. over at the shore, what a great weekend to go. upper 70s saturday, low 80s saturday and sunday. for tonight can't rule out a passing shower or storm, muggy, 66 to 72, winds go east to northeast. on saturday 70s in the morning, comfortable afternoon, more
5:51 pm
sunshine, not bad, 80 to 85. three- day forecast, looking good on sunday, the meet returns -- the heat returns on labor 90. then it gets really hot after that, 91 tuesday, 93 wednesday and a couple storms possible thursday and friday as we cool back into the 80s by the end of the week. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> so here we are, week one of the high school football season, ladies, and i'm not easing into it either. saturday two schools will renew a rivalry that years ago it was one to watch. then it went away. well, let's just say the local community is glad to have it ck. to prince george's county we go, clippers, wolverines, mount up. sure to be plenty of pads
5:52 pm
cracking, feet shuffling and coaches barking on saturday. oxon hill versus potomac. >> it's a battle for the home turf. >> reporter: but it's been a while. the schools were placed in different classes, thus the rivalry laid dormant for more than 20 years, but student population shifts have placed them both in 3a this season. translated? it's on. >> we're looking forward to it, man. the intensity is going to be high. >> reporter: and on the schools are relatively close. so close but in a way worlds apart. oxon hill sits in the shadows of national harbor, refurbished schools, nice new turf. potomac? dust bowl, no such creature comforts and coach ronnie crump
5:53 pm
readily admits the demographics in his area is a little different. >> i'm going to deal with the kid with all the issues who needs this and these that, got to be put in his place for this and that. >> i just want to see now far we go as a program. >> reporter: say no more coach. >> boy, it's been a long time. >> a long time. you can see the coaches are really excited. of course, we've got a lot coming up at 6:00 with the pro team in this town, e thskins, big football weekend. >> looking forward to it. thank you, dave. coming up at 6:00, rowan county clerks issue their first marriage licenses to same sex licenses. >> we'll go behind the scenes of all the people involved in the visit of pope francis to
5:54 pm
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three out of four flyers in a recent trip advisor survey complained about the size of their airline seat. >> if you feel the plane is more cramped than you remember, that's because is probably is unless if you're in first class. kris van cleave slows us -- shows us how it's like for both sides of the curtain. >> reporter: a premium check- in area and access to a special lounge now for first class flyers and this plane now has apartments in the sky. the airlines are racing to update their cabins and service with luxurious new options for a select few. for the rest of fuss may seem like we're paying more for -- us it may seem like we're paying more for less, shelling out money to eat on board, sometimes even to choose a seat. >> i'm small and yet you're just crammed into these seats.
5:58 pm
it's terrible. >> you're packed in there. the seats are tight. >> reporter: several airlines have gone to slim line seats which take up less space allowing more seats to be squeezed on board. >> for a lot of people once you get above a six or seven hour flight they cannot even bear the idea of being in the back of the plane, so they will step up and that's what the airline is hoping for. it's additional revenue for the airline. >> welcome to our new premium economy class. >> reporter: in fact, on long haul flights a number of carriers are finding a way to cash in on economy flyer fatigue with a premium economy at a cost far below business class but more than those cheap seats. singapore airlines is installing these now. flyers will have the added perk of being able to order a fancy meal ahead of time to be delivered at their seat during the flight. in a statement airlines for america, the trade group representing airlines, says those first class flyers paying those high fares keep fares down for the rest of us. kris
5:59 pm
van cleave, washington, dulles airport. a clerk becomes defiant even as her office begins issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> police shoot for the suspect in a deadly shooting of a 17- year-old student standing at a school bus stop. >> and hungary makes a startling announcement regarding the thousands of migrants trying to reach the austrian border. evening. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. marriage licenses are now being issued to all couples in roanoke county, kentucky. the county clerk is still in jail for contempt. this was the sixth time james yates and william smith, jr. tried to get a marriage license in rowan county, kentucky. today they finally got one. yates and smith are the first same sex couples to come to
6:00 pm
the courthouse since a judge jailed clerk kim davis for refusing to comply with the order. >> i thought there would be two other couples before us. it's hard for us right now. >> davis is a born again christian and says god's moral law prevents her from issuing licenses to same sex couples, but her deputy clerks have agreed to issue those licenses. >> i don't think people should have to go through all this. i think there has to be another way to work this out. >> davis is an elected official and she's hoping the legislature will chan kentucky laws so she can follow her conscious. >> she won't give up. there's no give up in her. >> davis' lawyer says he's appealing the judge's contempt order and his client has no intentions of resigning. >> it is our position and the position of the clerk of rowan county, kim davis that, those licenses are void. they are not being issued under the authority of rowan county clerk's office. >> a large crowd of same sex marriage supporters


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